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Deadmike IRC Chatroom

Although many of us are off the air, some of us are still broadcasting (using our keyboards) over vast distances via the Internet. We can be reached on Internet Relay Chat (IRC) during most weekdays from about 2300 GMT. There we get together to discuss everything from breaking news and the future of broadcast journalism, to the latest computer and radio gadgets. To find us, go to the IRC server and join the chat room #deadmike. Deadmikes, Downholders or any other interested parties are welcome.

If you are new to IRC, and are in need of software or instruction in using this cross-platform, powerful, reliable and FREE tool of the Internet, please go to the IRC Help Homepage. There you will find just about everything you need. For the more technically inclined, there is also the Offiical IRC Homepage for news and updates on the development of the technology and the administration of the network.

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